Regular Meeting-November 10, 2020


Board Members Present: Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisor Tucker Schuety, Supervisor Doug Kern, Treasurer Sue Kern, and Clerk Duane Ruona.

Greg called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm and the pledge of allegiance was recited.

Doug made a motion to approve the agenda as written. Tucker seconded, motion passed 3-0.

There were no gopher bounties.

Under New Business a rezoning application for 6545 CR 45 was discussed. The Applicant wishes to rezone just under 5 acres from Agricultural/Forestry to Rural Residential 2.5. The Planning Commission, at their regular meeting on November 9, 2020, voted to recommend approval by the Town Board based on the following Findings of Fact and Conditions of Approval:


1. The subject property is addressed as: 6545 County Road 45, Brainerd, MN 56401
2. The reclassification is in accordance with the comprehensive plan. The future land use map (contained in the comprehensive plan) identifies the subject property as "Medium Density Residential".
3. The future land use of "Medium Density Residential" has a suggested minimum lot size of 2.5 acres.
4. The "Rural Residential 2.5" land use classification has a minimum lot size of 2.5 acres.
5. The reclassification is warranted due to changed land use circumstances or a need for additional property in the proposed land use district. The proposed rezone would result in one new lot which allows for another new home to be constructed. The lot is serviced by a roadway (County road 45)
6. The subject property is suitable for development in general conformance with land use standards under the proposed land use district classification.
7. The reclassification will not be detrimental to uses or property in the immediate vicinity of the subject property. The surrounding properties are zoned Ag/Forestry and contain residential and agricultural uses. Rezone to Rural Residential 2.5 for "Tract A" will result in a similar use as adjacent land.
8. The rezone meets the following Comprehensive Plan goal: Goal #7 - Ensure that any Township land use regulation meets the goals of the Comprehensive Plan and is also understandable, fairly applied, and has a clear process for approval. The rezone is consistent with the Future Land Use as depicted in the Comprehensive Plan. The rezone process as indicated in the Township code has been followed and public hearing notices have been provided. The process for approval is clearly outlined in code and has been followed.


1. Rezone is contingent on the approval of a minor lot subdivision. Applicant shall submit a legal survey signed by a licensed land surveyor showing the subdivision of "Tract A" and "Tract B". The Zoning Administrator shall review and process the subdivision as provided in Crow Wing Township Zoning and Subdivision regulations.
2. A new E911 address and parcel ID for "Tract A" shall be applied for by applicant and submitted to Crow Wing County. Applicant shall provide the Township with proof of the new address and parcel Id number.

After discussion, Greg made a motion to approve the rezoning application for 6545 CR 45 based on the above Findings of Fact and Conditions of Approval. Doug seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Under Old Business taking over Lone Oak Circle in the Plat of Oak Ridge South Second Addition was discussed. The original stormwater management plan wasn't followed when the plat was developed. There were seven lots in the original plat but it was changed and approved by the township to combine the seven lots into four lots with houses currently built on three of the lots. Tucker stated that if the developer's agreement has not been followed the contract should be void. Greg said that the residents could come to the township in the future asking for the township to take over the road and it would be better to handle the situation sooner rather than later. Greg said that an "As-Built" drawing for handling the stormwater should be required for any future problems that might arise. Documentation shows that Anderson Brothers Construction sent the township a letter that the road was constructed to township specifications. Tucker asked if a Stop Sign has been installed on Lone Oak Circle. The Developer's Agreement states that a Stop Sign will be installed and paid for by the developer. Doug said he would get the sign up and a bill will be sent to the developer. Greg will talk to Justin and Brad about getting copies of an "As-Built" drawing and the letter from Anderson Brothers relating to the road. Doug made a motion to table taking over Lone Oak Circle until the documents are received. Tucker seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Doug talked to a gentleman from Pequot Lakes who does websites and is waiting for prices from him.

Recycling with St. Mathias and Ft. Ripley Townships was discussed. The clerk sent letters to both townships last month notifying them that the program is ending at the end of the year and if they had interest in continuing the recycling program they should contact one of our Supervisors. No one has been contacted so no action was taken.

Doug contacted Chad Jillson and the surrounding neighbors about any items on neighboring property belonging to Chad being removed by October 28th and charged back to Chad's property taxes. Chad worked with Doug and removed the items in violation on neighboring property and cleared the access to the R&J Broadcasting property. The driveway being used by the new home at 9496 Arielle Drive is part of the snowmobile trail and is access to the Crow Wing Power property. Doug will check with MNDOT to see if that entrance is on the state road or is the township's responsibility.

Wade Tomberlin and his neighbor are putting things on each other's property and that is a civil problem and not the township's concern. There was no new information on the other violations.

Payroll was reviewed and approved.

The Treasurer's report and claim numbers 1390-1415 were reviewed and approved. Included was a bill from the Crow Wing County Highway Department in the amount of $3,021.61 for salt/sand purchased in January 2019. Sue had slips from Brad Gorron that matched the bill so it is being paid tonight.

Under the Road Report Doug reported The No Outlet and Craig Road signs will be up by the end of the week. There are trees that need to be cleaned up in swampy areas of Wetherbee and 50th Avenue and Tucker and Gerry will take care of them. The potholes on 70th Avenue near Business 371 will be filled. Shoulders will be fixed on Gorron Road, Cook Road and Wetherbee Road. Doug has fixed the shoulder at the Wild Rice Road and Estate Circle Drive. Mowing was not completed full width along some township roads. Doug picked up three rolls of carpet on Forest Heights that someone dumped off.

There were no communications to review.

Under Administrative Business the Five-Year Road Improvement Plan was discussed. Crackfilling that was scheduled for 2021 was completed this year. Tucker recommended that the roads paved this year should be completed next year with routing and filling. Greg said we should do some crackfilling on roads each year instead of waiting to do all roads at once. Greg asked Doug to look at the complete list of roads and bring a recommendation to next month's meeting for 2025 projects to add to the Five-Year Plan.

The County Board has set a public hearing for November 24, 2020 on the Petition to add a name to Crow Wing County Ditch No. 14. The clerk received a call from Stan Dobosenski of Ft. Ripley Township asking for information on our recommendation to the county.

A motion was made by Doug to approve the minutes of the October 13, 2020 regular meeting as written. Seconded by Tucker. Motion passed 3-0.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

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