Planning Commission Meeting-September 14, 2020

Crow Wing Township Planning Commission Meeting
September 14th, 2020 6:00 PM

Commission Members Present: Brad Arnold (Chair), Dan Lee, Linda Schuety, Paul Stephany, Nate Keller (Planning and Zoning Administrator), Justin Burslie (Previous Planning & Zoning Administrator, Tucker Schuety (Township Supervisor).

Brad called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM

Members conducted the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion made by Linda Schuety at 6:01PM to continue the meeting at 6:10 PM at the Fletcher Trucking property to complete a site review and review of the conditions of the Interim Use permit.

Motion seconded by Dan Lee. Motion passed unanimously.

Chair Arnold called the meeting to order at 6:10 PM at Fletcher Trucking. At the site visit multiple items were discussed which included:

-Two or three trees were knocked over. Mr. Fletcher indicated these trees will be replaced. It was noted the existing (live) trees still meet the 15 ft separation requirement of the interim use permit.

-Wooodchip stockpiles have been relocated to aid in buffering noise

-Some of the equipment at the site has been replaced and improved which helps muffle the noise more

-Trees planted on the top of the berm appear to meet the conditions of the I.U.P.

-Owner has been made several changes to his operation by removing the loudspeakers on the site, modified back-up alarms, reduced heavy dozer equipment use, further enclosed the equipment, and adjusted chip pile locations all aiding in reducing noise of operation.

-The original hammer mill used on the property has been replaced with new/quieter equipment.

-Multiple buildings/additions have been constructed in the vicinity of the dryer which have buffered some of the noise.

The site visit was attended by the owner of the property and an employee. No neighbors were present at the site visit. The owner has displayed a desire and willingness to work with the Township and be a good neighbor. The commission inspected the east property line, northeast corner of property and west property line as well as general overall site review.

Commissioner Lee made a motion to continue the meeting at the Crow Wing Town Hall at 6:45 PM, seconded by Commissioner Schuety, passed unanimously.

Meeting was reopened at 6:48 PM at Crow Wing Township Town Hall.

Motion made by Paul Stephany to approve the August 10th, 2020 meeting minutes. Motion seconded by Dan Lee. Motion passed unanimously.

Brief discussion took place on the status of the Jillson and Tomberlin violations. Chair Brad asked staff to send another letter out to Tomberlin re: the tires left on the site.

Nate Keller reviewed the monthly P&Z report. Dan Lee asked about Septic permits. Keller mentioned he will start including the listing of the septic permits in the monthly report.

Brief discussion was also made on "Oak Ridge 2nd Addition" and the closeout of the plat. Keller mentioned that Town Board will need to look at having an Engineer do a walkthrough of the road, ditches, culverts, etc. to ensure the conditions of the plat have been met.

Chair Brad Arnold recapped the Fletcher site walkthrough which included seven items discussed onsite.

A resident in attendance asked about the placement of a trailer home near the Callahan property (possibly without a permit). Staff will investigate this concern.

Justin Burslie provided an overview of the Comprehensive Plan update. Updates included the removal of the "rural urban transition" and "mixed-use commercial" from Future Land Use descriptions. Most of the discussion that took place focused on the Business/Highway 371 corridor. Burslie laid out a couple possible options which included: 1. Amending the zoning code to require larger lot sizes for commercial lots (upon adoption of the Council). 2. Identify corridor as commercial and amend the ordinance for commercial 1 or commercial 2.

After numerous discussion Planning Commission asked staff to do the following:

-Identify vacant land that is or could potentially be 2.2 acres and commercial

-Provide an updated plat map of the Township

-Provide current use map based on tax classification

-Provide some clarity on wetlands and locations of those through the National Wetland Inventory

Dan Lee motioned to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by Linda Schuety. Motion passed unanimously and meeting was adjourned at 8:07PM.

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