Regular Meeting-June 11, 2019


Board Members Present: Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisor Dave Schultz, Supervisor Doug Kern, Treasurer Sue Kern, and Clerk Duane Ruona.

Greg called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm and the pledge to the flag was recited.

Motion by Doug to approve the agenda seconded by Greg. Motion passed 3-0.

There were no gopher bounties.

New Business - The vehicle in the right-of-way at 9068 110th Street was towed by Collins Brothers on Thursday June 6, 2019. The vehicle owner, Jake Anderson, was present to dispute the towing. The property owner, Marlieu Anderson, was informed previously about not parking vehicles in the right-of-way. A letter was sent in 2017 and the recent township newsletter also notified residents of not putting vehicles in the road right-of-way or they will be towed. Greg contacted Collins Brothers in Brainerd about the storage fees and was told the fees will not be waived. After discussion, Doug made a motion for Greg to contact the Collins Brothers Towing main office to try and get the storage fees waived. Greg seconded. Motion passed 2-0. Dave abstained.

The damaged mailbox at 9388 Forest Heights Drive was discussed. Dave said a call was received from Kellie Klimek on March 1, 2018 about the snow plow hitting her mailbox and Brad Gorron checked on it. He wasn’t sure if the snow knocked down the mailbox or it was hit by the snow plow. Dave will talk to Brad Gorron about it. Greg will contact Kellie Klimek about the damaged mailbox.

Unfinished Business - The Isla Engholm Trust lien release was discussed. Steve Engholm has paid the county the amount due to purchase the property which includes the amount due to Crow Wing Township for the land use violation expenses. The county will pay the township the lien amount when the second half of property taxes are paid on December 3, 2019. The clerk was instructed to contact Crow Wing County to see what the process is to satisfy the lien. Dave made a motion to release the lien on the Isla Engholm Trust. Greg seconded, motion passed 3-0.

Planning Commission Report - The Bigwoods Timber conditional use permit issues were discussed. Brad will meet with Justin Burslie on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 to discuss the CUP follow up with Bigwoods. Mark Strobel was present to submit documents relating to the fire at Bigwoods on May 31, 2019 that burned the property fence and Mr. Strobel's storage shed. Mark presented the board with a narrative of the incident and information about the proper use of the wood boiler on Bigwoods property. He also included the Brainerd Fire Department Incident Report and Brainerd Dispatch article describing the fire. Brad stated that the issue of improper boiler use should be addressed by the Fire Marshall and Bigwoods' insurance company. The township is not responsible to police how residents operate their business, only items that are included in the CUP can be addressed by the township.

The Treasurer's report and claim numbers 1060-1082 in the amount of $8,929.98 were reviewed and approved.

Road Report. A basketball hoop is in the right-of-way at 9071 Black Bear Trail. A basketball hoop is in the right-of-way at 7026 Wels Avenue. A trailer is in the right-of-way at 10110 Depot Street and the clerk was instructed to send a letter to the property owner. A storage container is still in the right-of-way at 6876 Wels Avenue. Dave cut out and placed asphalt over the culvert causing a bump on Gorron Road. He picked up two televisions on the road right-of-way. Dave will start mowing road ditches next week. Dave got a price of $18.00 per yard for class 5 from Dales Excavating to shoulder Cook Road. The same price would apply to other roads that need shouldering. Dave suggested that the intersections of Ravenswood and 70th Avenue, Lone Oak and 70th Avenue, Business 371 and Town Hall Road could also use gravel on the shoulders. Doug made a motion to shoulder roads as directed by Dave for $18.00 per yard of class 5 and Greg seconded. After further discussion about Wetherbee Road and 50th Avenue also needing shoulder repairs, Doug amended his motion to shoulder roads as directed by Dave for $18.00 per yard of class 5 up to a maximum of $10,000. Greg seconded, motion passed 3-0. Road construction on 50th Avenue and Sweet Road is being done this week.

There was discussion about setting a policy for towing vehicles and removing items from the road right-of-way. Maybe a notice should be placed on the vehicle windshield. It was suggested that a certified letter be sent to the property owner and they be given 5 days to remove the vehicle or it will be towed. The clerk was instructed to put together a letter to send to right-of-way violators for review at the next meeting.

Under communications a notice was received from the Crow Wing County Highway Department about their road construction projects on CR 123 and CR 153 in 2020. Greg said Rob Hall will send someone to a town board meeting to discuss road construction information. A thank you for the donation to the Crow Wing County Fair Association was reviewed. The Minnesota State Demographer sent the township a notice that the April 1, 2018 population estimate is 2,092 and the household estimate is 739. The 2019 tax forfeited land sale list from Crow Wing County was reviewed.

Ryan Simonson from Crow Wing County Land Services requested copies of the township’s Waste Management bills for 2018 to review the contamination charges for recycled materials. The clerk was instructed to send copies of the requested bills.

A motion was made by Dave to approve the May 28, 2019 minutes, seconded by Doug. Motion passed 3-0.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

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