Regular Meeting-October 23, 2018


Board Members Present: Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisor Doug Kern, Supervisor Dave Schultz, and Treasurer Sue Kern acting as Clerk in Duane Ruona's absence.

Greg called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm and the pledge to the flag was recited.

There were no gopher bounties.

Under new business June Hunter, Gerry Schuety and Randy Powers spoke to the new recycling requirements. NO plastic bags are to be accepted and residents are putting plastic bags in the dumpsters even though new signs have been posted and the recycling workers are telling them that plastic bags are not accepted any more by Waste Management. Putting plastic bags and/or garbage in the dumpsters could result in a large increase of cost to the Township as it results in damage to the equipment at Waste Management and also causes the entire dumpster to have to be disposed of rather than recycled. Locking of the dumpsters was discussed. A suggestion was made that people can bring their plastic bags to Walmart. The Supervisors said that it is probably going to take awhile for people to catch on to the new rules. It was also mentioned that the electronics are stacking up and Jesse should be called to come pick them up.

There was also inquiry to the new 2019 recycling schedule which has not come out yet.

New Business: The infant seat needs to be replaced. Dave made a motion for Brad or Duane to order a new infant seat for the park. Greg seconded the motion. Motion was passed 3-0. It was mentioned to inquire to the school district about playground equipment that may no longer be used.

Unfinished Business: Brad Arnold was not present at the meeting. The list of violations will be discussed with the Attorney. Greg will call Brad and discuss the matter further.

Public Comments: Randy Powers brought forth questions from the Town Hall Street group regarding the 5 year road plan, the ditches and the BMX track. It was decided if there are problems at the track that it was a matter for the Sheriff. Duane will put the road plan on the web as he is able to do so. With regard to the ditches, Anderson Brother's has planned to work on shouldering Town Hall Street in the next 1 to 2 weeks.

Roads: Dave mentioned he's getting prices on Gorron road for repairs. Dave mentioned that Golden Oaks drive should be .16 miles and Brandon Way from the cul de sac is .57 miles and that should be changed by Duane on previous reports.

There was discussion with regard to Town Hall road and the part that is rough about 1000 feet. Scott at Anderson's has suggested a $10,000 deduct off of the bill, No one has complained and residents are happy with the road. After much discussion, Greg made a motion to take the $10,000 deduct off the Anderson's bill. Doug seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0. The bill will be paid at our first meeting in November when we pay all of the bills.

Gerry Schuety mentioned there is dirt on the road on Wetherbee Road due to Fletcher's logging. The dirt is on the approach up to the road. The approach is now damaged probably due to the trucks. They did put the dirt to help with the damage which is good. Duane will send a letter to Fletcher's to point out the damage and tell them we expect a repair. This is regarding the approach of the DNR minimum maintenance road behind Granite City off the corner of Wetherbee.

Dave mentioned he received a call regarding Anderson's trucks were on Catherine's way but there is no damage.

Dave mentioned a $50 check for entry permit was received from David Peterson. There was discussion about the driveway already being put in and the check coming after the fact and because he hasn't needed one in the past but those were off private roads. Resident said Justin said he didn't tell him he needed a permit. The subject was tabled for now. Dave will talk to Anderson's before they do the driveway regarding the shoulders and Doug will talk to Justin regarding the permit. Dave mentioned on Canary Way that MN Dot left the approach undone, stopping at Sweet and Canary. No action was taken.

Gerry mentioned that there are no lines painted on the road at the Wild Rice intersection and it seems that project is completed. Also there is only one reflective sign and one laying in the ditch. Dave will check on it.

Dave received calls regarding the race track was dug out too much and Roscoe will fix it when he has time.

With regard to the Catherine's Way complaint and people driving too fast, it was decided there were two options. One being a MN Dot study which usually ends in an increase in the actual speed limit. Doing a speed check was discussed or if it was a Sheriff issue or to do nothing. Greg will check with MN Dot. It may take up to 18 months for them to do a study.

Broad Band was discussed at the CWCAT meeting yesterday. It seems those without internet should not expect it any time soon because of the extreme costs involved.

Dave attended a pre winter meeting regarding snow plowing and said that county roads with 5000+ cars daily (priority 1) should expect snow plowing within 6 hours into the storm, those with 5000 to 500 cars (priority 2) should expect snow plowing within 12 hours and areas with less than 500 cars should expect snow plowing within 18 hours. Dave said we are doing well within our township with meeting or exceeding the county expectations with regard to snow plowing. He also mentioned there is a shortage of salt this year.

Payroll sheets were looked at and approved. Mail was reviewed.

Motion was made by Doug to pass the 10-9-18 minutes, seconded by Dave and passed 3-0.

Meeting adjourned at 7:07pm.

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