Regular Meeting - April 11, 2017

Regular Meeting April 11, 2017 5:30pm Crow Wing Town Hall

Board Members Present: Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisor Dave Schultz, Treasurer Sue Kern, Clerk Duane Ruona

Greg called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm and the pledge to the flag was recited.

There were no gopher bounties.

The annual AWAIR safety meeting occurred with the township recycling employees, planning commission members and town board members present. Greg shared a review of the purpose of the workplace accident and injury reduction program with those present by reading aloud the important points, details, & instructions pertaining to the employees. Topics such as workplace safety, hazardous materials, accident/injury related information, etc. was covered. The board welcomed feedback & suggestions for improvement from those present. The AWAIR meeting adjourned at 5:55pm and a short break was taken.

Cliff Sasker was present to have paperwork signed for the renewal of the North Central Speedway's beer license. A motion to approve the 3.2 beer license for North Central Speedway was made by Greg, seconded by Dave. Motion passed. The clerk signed the application.

Steve Larsen, Justin Barnhart and Bill Roehl were present to discuss the BMX track. They plan to construct a 30 x 30 building to be used for secure storage. On top of the building will be a deck to be used as a staging area. The track is in the tenth year of a 25 year lease on the property from the township. They also want to clean up the buffer zone between the track and the park and along Town Hall Street. Greg made a motion to allow the BMX association to clean up and brush the designated buffer zone between the track and the park and the track and Town Hall Street. Dave seconded, motion passed.

Bob Jones from The Farm on St. Mathias was present to discuss future plans for the Field of Dreams Roots Concert series held there each summer. Currently the event is supported through a grant from the Five Wings Arts Council and food and liquor is supplied by Prairie Bay. Bob asked about the process to get a non-profit limited event liquor license. The Board informed Bob that he would need to go to Crow Wing County to apply for the license.

Brad presented the Planning Commission report. The Wade Tomberlin property will be coming up for another inspection in the near future. There appears to be more issues with the property and the clerk and Justin Burslie will put together a list of the items in violation for the next Planning Commission meeting. Wesley Juaire did clean up the Fuchs/Juaire property and an inspection will be done. A complaint was received on the Chad Jillson property. A mobile home on the property has not been removed as promised. The clerk will send a letter to Mr. Jillson inviting him to the next meeting to discuss the issue. A complaint was received from the owner of property adjacent to the Jamie Markuson property. Greg found out that the property went tax-forfeit on March 21, 2017. There is a 60 day appeal period and then the county will clean up the property. The clerk will inform the complainant about the process.

A resident informed the Board that there are 4-5 black garbage bags and other trash on county land at the intersection of Gorron Road and 50th Avenue. The clerk will call the Sheriff Department so they can try to find out who owned the trash.

The Incident Report from the Brainerd Fire Department for the 1st quarter of 2017 was reviewed. After discussion it was requested that the clerk call the Fire Department to try to get a cost for the transport vehicle fire on March 23, 2017.

The Treasurer's report, claims and payroll were reviewed and approved.

Dave presented the road report. He will remove miscellaneous signs that are currently in the right-of-way. Anderson Brothers will begin crack sealing as soon as possible. Dave has a price of $3,000 delivered on a used Sweepster 7' broom that will mount on the John Deere tractor. A comparable new one will cost over $6,000. Motion by Greg to purchase a used 7 foot Sweepster road broom for $3,000 delivered. Seconded by Dave, motion passed. Dave will contact Dale's Excavating to do the shouldering on 50th Avenue. Dave will contact the county about being able to do additional shouldering on the end of Cook Road. Tri City needs to finish the culvert extensions they started last fall. The leaning tree on 50th Avenue needs to be reviewed. Greg will get a price to have it removed. Dave will talk to Anderson Brothers about filling in the alligator cracking on Gorron Road when they do the crack filling.

Correspondence was reviewed. Anderson Brothers materials price list and the annual Anderson Brothers road information meeting were reviewed. The annual road tour was set for 8:00 am on Saturday, April 22, 2017.

Supervisor Dave Schultz was sworn in following his election on March 14, 2017. The approval of minutes from March 28, 2017 was tabled until the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

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