Planning Commission Minutes-February 14, 2017

Crow Wing Township

Planning Commission Meeting February 13, 2017 6:00pm

Commission Members Present: Brad Arnold (Chair), Linda Schuety, Dan Lee, Doug Kern, Justin Burslie (Planning & Zoning Administrator), Greg Smith (Township Supervisor), Duane Ruona (Town Clerk)

Brad called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM and the pledge to the flag was recited.

LouAnn Maschler, SSTS inspector for the township, was present to talk about permitting updates. Justin sends applications for sewer systems to LouAnn who reviews the technical aspects of the design and after her approval Justin issues a permit and LouAnn inspects the installed systems for compliance. Installers are now trained to test the pipe between the tank and building as part of the installation process when required.

The next item of business was to elect a Chair Person and Vice-chair Person for 2017. Doug Kern nominated Brad for Chair and Dan Lee seconded the motion. There were no other nominations and the motion passed. Linda Schuety nominated Dan Lee for Vice-chair and Doug Kern seconded the nomination. There were no other nominations and the motion passed.

A public hearing on Rezoning Application 17-4475 to reclassify a 35 acre tract and a 40 acre tract from Agricultural/Forestry to rural Residential 2.5 at 9680 St. Mathias Road owned by Steven Marolt was held.

Staff offered the following findings for consideration by the Planning Commission:

1. The subject properties are located at 9680 St. Mathias Rd and are currently zoned Agricultural/Forestry

2. The subject properties consist of a 35 acre tract (PIN 540142300B00009) containing a single family dwelling and multiple accessory structures and a 40 acre tract (PIN 540142400000009) which does not contain any structures.

3. The subject properties are suitable for development in general conformance with the Rural Residential 2.5 land use district.

4. The reclassification will not alter the character of the properties in the immediate vicinity of the subject property.

5. The reclassification will not impact the health, safety, and general welfare of the public.

6. The subject properties meet the minimum lot requirements of the Rural Residential 2.5 land use district.

7. The rezoning of the property will not create any non-conforming structures.

8. The subject properties are adjacent to other Rural Residential 2.5 property (north), Agricultural/Forestry property (north, south, east & west) and Public property (south).

9. Rezoning of the property is in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan as the future land use map identifies the subject property as Medium Density Residential.

Staff Recommendation: The proposed reclassification is consistent with the standards of the land use ordinance and the comprehensive plan.

The property owner has indicated the subject property contains a cesspool and it has not been inspected recently. Mr. Marolt has stated that he wishes to replace the existing sewer system on the property instead of having it inspected (it would likely fail). An SSTS design has been created for a new system but it has not been applied for.

Staff recommends the application be approved contingent on the replacement SSTS being applied for and installed by December 11, 2017 OR the existing system being inspected by June 1, 2017 (property owner shall sign the winter window agreement).

The notice that was sent to adjoining property owners only included the 35 acre tract. The adjoining 40 acre tract to the East was inadvertently omitted from the notice. Dan made a motion to table the issue until the next meeting so new notices can be sent out to be sure everyone is aware that both parcels are requested to be rezoned. Linda seconded, motion passed. Justin will send out new notices by March 2, 2017 for consideration at the next Planning Commission meeting on March 13, 2017.

Dan made a motion to accept the minutes of the January 9, 2017 meeting and Linda seconded the motion. Motion passed.

The next agenda item was the Fee Schedule Review. After reviewing the township fee schedule with the Crow Wing County fee schedule, Linda made a motion to recommend to the town board the reduction of the application fees for commercial variances and commercial conditional use permits from $750 to $500 and increasing the recording fee from $20 to $46 to be consistent with Crow Wing County's recording fee. Doug seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Justin gave his P&Z report on three permits issued since the last meeting. Two were for structures and one was for a sewer system.

Dan made a motion to adjourn, Linda seconded, meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm.

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