Regular Meeting - May 10, 2016

Regular Meeting - May 10,2016

Regular Meeting – May 10, 2016; 6:00pm  Crow Wing Town Hall


Board Members Present:  Chairman Mark Platta, Supervisors Greg Smith & Dave Schultz, Treasurer, Susan Kern, Clerk Susan Amick


Mark called the meeting to order at 6:07pm and the pledge to the flag was recited.


Bids were received for the road contractor.  Greg made a motion to table the decision due to the need to check with the Troy Gilchrist, township attorney with some specific questions on insurance related issues dealing with the contract.  Susan will contact him to get clarifying information and report back to the board.


Dave reported that he heard back from Tri City Paving and they have fixed the driveway issues on the roads so far and will get back to the board regarding what will be done with the rest of the road.

Justin Burslie & Brad Arnold plan to visit Josh Neelan for his violation inspection on May 11.  Greg stopped by this week and saw some work being done.


There was a resident complaint that someone is living in a bus on Joe Rakow’s property & using a bucket for toiletry needs.  Dave made a motion that a letter be sent to him to request the person discontinue living in the bus due to lack of sanitary service, as well as address the issue of accumulation of outside storage on his property, and invite him to the next town board meeting May 24th to discuss the problem.  Greg seconded the motion.  Motion passed. 


Brad Arnold gave the planning commission report. Brad brought forth rezoning application 16-4412 to rezone a 40 acre tract of land from Agricultural/Forestry to Rural Residential 10, located at 8417 50th Ave Brainerd, MN owned by Frederick & Darlene Jillson.  The Planning Commission recommends the application be approved based on the following findings of fact.  There are no recommended conditions of approval.


    1. The subject property is located at 8417 50th Avenue.   PIN 540199003FB0009.

    2. The subject property is suitable for development in general conformance with the “Rural Residential 10” land use district.

    3. The reclassification will not alter the character of the properties in the immediate vicinity of the subject property.

    4. The reclassification will not impact the health, safety, and general welfare of the public.

    5. The subject property meets the minimum lot dimensions of the “Rural Residential 10” land use district. 

    6. The rezoning of the property will not create any non-conforming structures.

    7. The subject property is adjacent to “Rural Residential 2.5” property (west), “Agricultural/Forestry” property (south and east) and “Commercial 2” property (north, across Highway 371). 

    8. Rezoning of the property is in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan as the future land use map identifies the subject property as “Low Density Preservation.”

    9. The subject property is located in the Army Compatible Use Buffer area which has a recommended density of no more than one dwelling per ten acres. 

    10. The property owner intends to split the 39.8 acre tract into two parcels, thus requiring a reclassification to “Rural Residential 10.”

    11. The property owner’s original request to rezone the property to “Rural Residential 2.5” was found to be inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan.  The property owners amended their request to rezone to “Rural Residential 10” at the May 9, 2016 Planning Commission meeting.


      Dave made a motion to approve the rezone based on the findings of fact.  Mark seconded the motion, motion passed.


      The board was informed that Zach Rogers will be unable to serve on the planning commission for the next several months due to a new job, it is uncertain if he will be able to return to serving or not.  The board will wait to see, but in the meantime Brad will check around for interested individuals who might do it.


      The MATIT insurance policy was reviewed.  There were several corrections that need to be updated.  Susan will contact them.


      Susan Kern gave the treasurer’s report.  The supervisors examined & approved the claims for payment.


      Several cemetery deeds were sold, signed and notarized by board members.  Deeds will be mailed to:  James & Susan Goodnew as well as Scott & Dixie Pakarinen.


      Dave made a motion to send a letter to the resident located next to the town hall building stating that he may not use the town hall parking lot to turn his semi around or he will be liable for damages; the parking lot is not built to road specs.  Mark seconded it, motion passed. 


      The minutes from the spring road tour were discussed.  Letters will be sent to individuals who need to address issues.


      Greg made a motion to approve the meeting with noted corrections regarding a 3.2 beer license & off sale liqueur license & Tri City road section repair being 1200 ft.  Mark seconded, motion passed.


      Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.

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