Regular Meeting - April 12, 2016

Regular Meeting - April 12, 2016

Regular Meeting – April 12, 2016; 5:30pm  Crow Wing Town Hall

Board Members Present:  Chairman Mark Platta, Supervisors Greg Smith & Dave Schultz, Clerk Susan Amick, Treasurer Susan Kern


Mark called the meeting to order at 5:30pm and the pledge to the flag was recited.


The annual AWAIR safety meeting occurred with all of the township recycling employees, planning commission members and town board members present.    Mark shared a review of the purpose of the workplace accident and injury reduction program with those present by reading aloud the important points, details, & instructions pertaining to the employees.  Topics such as workplace safety, hazardous materials, accident/injury related information, etc was covered.   The board welcomed feedback & suggestions for improvement from those present.    The AWAIR meeting adjourned at 5:50pm and a short break was taken.


Katherine Torbert was present to have paperwork signed for the renewal of the North Central Speedway’s beer license.  The clerk signed all the paperwork after the supervisors received updates on the business from the past year.  It was mentioned that there is frustration with a neighbor who is driving across their property to get to their adjoining property, as well as people whipping around on 4-wheelers on their property.


Jordan Spychalla was present to inquire about permits regarding his new property.  He would like to put in an additional driveway which requires a culvert & build a pole barn.  Greg made a motion to approve the second driveway for Mr. Spychalla, Mark seconded it, motion passed.


The matter of the township’s contract with Dale’s Excavating expiring May 31st was discussed.  The bid process was covered.  A notice will be placed in the paper and info sent out.


The Juaire property violation was revisited with discussion on how to proceed.  Greg made a motion for the clerk to contact Attorney Steve Qualley to send Lola Fuchs & Lesly Juarie a letter outlining the steps starting the legal process to clean-up their property.  Dave seconded it.  Motion passed.


Brad gave an overview of the Planning Commission’s public hearing that was conducted regarding a land use ordinance amendment application 16-4406 regarding Article 6.  Crow Wing Township Planning Commission is proposing to amend Article 6 “Planning Commission” of the Crow Wing Township Land Use Ordinance; the proposed amendments remove the maximum amount of consecutive terms able to be served and removes language regarding “Commissioner Districts”.   The commission members had discussed the language in the ordinance and made clarifications to specific wording.    After the supervisors reviewed the updated ordinance & asked clarifying questions, Greg made a motion to accept Resolution 16-4406.  Dave seconded it.  Motion passed.   Brad shared other items discussed at the meeting including:  Arlene Jillson and her son Paul’s request that their property be rezoned to Rural Residential from Rural Ag so it can be subdivided.  The matter of the Josh Neelan violation will be revisited with him by Brad or Justin with a visit to set up an inspection meeting in May, and the bill for a full inspection will be sent to Mr. Neelan since the commission members were present for the April 11th inspection at his property but he was not despite advance notification.   The property violation of Jamie Markuson was brought to the board.  The PC suggested a cease & desist document be delivered to him by the sheriff.  The board determined that the clerk will investigate the cease & desist process and report back at the next board meeting in April.


Susan Kern gave the treasurer’s report.  Claims were examined by the supervisors and paid.  Dave made a motion not to approve the donations voted upon & approved at the annual meeting.  Greg seconded it.  Discussion was had.  Greg Smith shared that he has no issue with those that are clearly spelled out within township statutes such as medical related groups (like Zone One First Responders) and historical societies.  Statutes were reviewed for clarification.  Motion failed.  Greg made a motion that all the donations approved by the annual meeting participants be paid.  Mark seconded it.  Motion passed. 


Dave gave the road report.  He filled in the board on permits issued, problems with culverts, and also with sand at the end of Erin Road’s cul-de-sac again.  No communication from Tri-City as to when they will finish the work they have left to do or re-do.  Tri-City will be sent a letter inviting them to the next board meeting on April 26th to discuss the plan for moving forward with road repairs and completion of the project.


The remainder of the reorganizational items were discussed. 

The inspection fee rate was reviewed.  Mark made a motion that elected township officials and planning commission members attending property violation inspections each be paid a $50 inspection fee per inspection.  Greg seconded it. Motion passed.    Mark made a motion that all township employee wages and committee members remain the same.  Greg seconded. Motion passed.


Mark made a motion to adopt Resolution 2014-01, authorizing Dave Schultz to work with the roads for next year.   Greg seconded it.  Motion passed.

Greg made a motion to adopt Resolution 2014-01, authorizing Mark Platta to work with the cemetery for next year.   Dave seconded it.  Motion passed.


The matter of a dog complaint phone call by Irene Marshall was talked about.  She contacted Susan (clerk) about the neighbor’s dog who has been on her property and acting aggressive towards her family and pets.  She has talked to the owner multiple times about this with no result.  She was instructed to contact the Sheriff’s department and issue a formal complaint.


Minutes from the March 15th meeting were reviewed.  Dave made a motion to approve the minutes, Mark seconded it.  Motion passed.


The meeting adjourned at 9:05pm.


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