Regular Minutes - February 9, 2016

Regular Minutes - February 9, 2016

Regular Meeting – February 9, 2016; 6:00pm  Crow Wing Town Hall

Board Members Present:  Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisors Mark Platta & Dave Schultz, Clerk Susan Amick, Treasurer Susan Kern

Greg called the meeting to order at 6:00pm and the pledge to the flag was recited.

Tim Holms Chief of the Brainerd Fire Department was in attendance to introduce himself to the board and share that he welcomes open communication between the department/city and town board.  Mr. Holms said the station is assessing what equipment they need replaced and what they have in the station right now that can continue to be utilized to save on expenses.  He stated that response times are good and have not suffered since the changes in the number of full time staff.  Dave asked about the possibility of splitting the township between Brainerd & Little Falls fire stations.  Mr. Holms said that this could be a possibility if it is in the best interest of the Crow Wing Township residents and that response times to various locations should be factored in, as well as resident insurance payments, etc.   There will be ongoing communication in the future regarding fire service for the area.

Jerry Eischens from Crow Wing Estates Trailer Park was present to inquire about the land conveyance from MNDoT.  Greg updated Jerry and the board that he received a letter that MNDoT now owns the property, but is awaiting the certificates from Crow Wing County, which will take a few months.  Jerry wanted the board to know that Crow Wing Estates has the money reserved to pay for the land once the township has ownership of it and is ready to sell it.  The residents in the Estates are enjoying the new well and clean water.

Brad Arnold, Planning Commission Chair gave the report from the February planning commission meeting.  There was a public meeting to discuss an ordinance amendment referencing MN Statute 462.  Planning Administrator Justin Burslie worked with the township attorney to make the amendments due to the township working under an outdated statute.  Crow Wing Township is proposing to amend the land use ordinance to make references to Minnesota Statue 462 instead of Minnesota Statue 394.  The sections proposed to be amended include: Section 3.5 – “Enforcement,” 3.11- “General Public Hearing Requirements,” 4.4 – “Town Board Action,” Article 6 – “Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment,” Article 7- “Conditional Use Permits,” and Article 37- “Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems – Technical Standards and Criteria.”

Due to formatting issues, some clerical problems and one legal question regarding wording in the document the board has asked Justin to revisit those details with the attorney to be corrected in the document.

The planning commission recommends the town board approve the amendments to the land use ordinance with the clarification of legal wording in 914.A and needed format corrections as discussed.  The revised document will be available at the next township meeting in February.

Susan Kern gave the treasurer’s report.  The payroll and bills were reviewed by the supervisors and approved for payment.

Dave gave the road report.  There is new cracking on Cook Road due to issues with Tri-City not overlapping the fabric over the center during the construction of the road.  Photos were sent by Dave to board members and Tri-City (who has not responded).  Dave suggested that the township consider hiring an engineer to look at the problems with the new roads made by Tri City. Greg wondered if we should contact the township attorney, Troy Gilchrist.  It was decided to wait on the matter until April when roads are clear.

 A letter was received from Rob Hall, Assistant County Engineer, stating that discussion will be had in the near future about whether or not Crow Wing County is interested in taking over 50th Avenue from Crow Wing Township.  They will get back to the board at a later date.

Mark made the motion to approve June Hunter, Ginny Rogers, and Susan Kern  to act as Township election judges March 8th, with Kathleen Lordbock being the substitute judge in case of illness or emergency of an acting election judge.  The motion was seconded by Dave.  Motion passed.

Mark appointed Brad Arnold to officially act in his place on the board of canvas on March 8, 2016.

The Annual meeting agenda was approved by the board as well as the 2016-2017 meeting schedule.

Dave made motion to accept the minutes, Mark seconded it.  Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.

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