Regular Meeting - January 12, 2016

Regular Meeting - January 12, 2016

Regular Meeting – January 12, 2016; 6:00pm  Crow Wing Town Hall

Board Members Present:  Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisors Mark Platta & Dave Schultz, Clerk Susan Amick, Treasurer Susan Kern

Greg called the meeting to order at 6:00pm and the pledge to the flag was recited.

Susan Amick shared that the clerk from St. Mathias Township contacted her to discuss the letter sent to Rob Hall regarding the possibility of Crow Wing County taking over maintenance of 50th Ave.  She also inquired if our township may be interested in placing a joint purchase/order with them for refrigerator magnets with our recycling program info on it to give to residents.  The board requested more info regarding possible price break down for further consideration.

The Wakefield property violation was previously taken over by Crow Wing County due to it being a public health nuisance.  The county is moving forward to have the property cleaned up, garage torn down and septic system removed.  The Brainerd Dispatch contacted board supervisors about the matter for a news story, Dave spoke to the reporter briefly.

The land conveyance from MnDot is still in process.  The new well is working on the Crow Wing Estates trailer park lot; residents report being pleased.

Brad Arnold gave the planning commission report from the January meeting.  Justin Burslie sent MnDot a message about the planning along the 371 corridor south of the interchange.  There have been a number of inquiries as to if it could be set up for commercial land development use.  The MnDot feedback Justin received was that they do not have a vision or plan for the corridor and that it is left up to the township.  Discussion was had by the commission regarding if the township supports this land becoming commercial zoned.  The commission members looked at varying viewpoints and the future land use map.  It was determined that for the time being, the commission will continue to hold the current position on the zoning & the matter will be brought to the annual meeting for discussion and to get feedback from the residents in the area. 

The planning commission also had an applicant attend their meeting to request a rezoning in an area along 371 to commercial to start a car auction business for car dealerships.

Susan Kern presented the treasurer’s report.  Payroll & claims were examined by the supervisors and approved for payment.

Susan Amick introduced letters from Tri-City regarding the amount withheld from their payment.  They are requesting the amount being held back by the township until work is finished in the spring be reduced to $4,000.00.  The board has not yet received any response to photos that were emailed to Tri City in December showing indentations in the road due to their sheepsfoot compactor.  The board directed the clerk to send Tri City another letter to inquire about the dimples in the road surface shown in the emailed photos.

Filing for township elections closed today at 5pm.  Two notices were placed in the Brainerd Dispatch during the month of December with the filing period and board positions up for election (clerk & supervisor).  Greg Smith filed to run for town board supervisor and Susan Amick filed to run for clerk, both individuals hold these positions currently.

It was discussed that the scheduled township meeting for March 1st must be cancelled due to the 2016 political party precinct caucus occurring on that date.  The board decided to meet March 15th in addition to the annual meeting on March 8th.

Linda Schuety brought up that there is a resident in the Crow Wing Estates trailer park who is illegally driving through the ditch to get access to Weatherbee road.  Dave will look into the matter and get the resident’s address to the clerk to send a letter requesting this activity be stopped.

The December 15, 2015 minutes were read.  Mark moved that the minutes be accepted with the correction of 2 punctuation errors, Dave seconded it.  Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm.


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