Regular Minutes - December 15, 2015

Regular Minutes - December 15, 2015

Regular Meeting – December 15, 2015; 6:00pm  Crow Wing Town Hall

Board Members Present:  Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisors Mark Platta & Dave Schultz, Clerk Susan Amick

Greg called the meeting to order at 6:00pm and the pledge to the flag was recited.

Becky Eckelman from St Mathias Township was present to discuss their section of 50th Ave.  The county may have possible interest in or willingness to take over 50th Ave as a county road instead of it belonging to St. Mathias and Crow Wing Townships.   Ms Eckelman wanted to bring this to the board’s attention to see if there is interest in Crow Wing Township, and if so contact the county to explore the possibility and begin dialogue on the matter.  Greg made a motion to send a letter to Rob Hall at the county office seeking information as to if Crow Wing County has interest in taking over 50th Ave.  Mark seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Dale’s Excavating was represented at the meeting.  Greg pointed out that there were resident complaints as to some roads not being cleared until after 2pm, and also that the roads were not cleared thoroughly down to the road, there was a question as to if the blades were set down to the road and if blades are being changed regularly.  There was discussion as to type of snow and the process in which to best clear it.  It was approved by the board that Dave’s Excavating should go ahead and re-clear roads that need it after the first clearing  on snowfall days when it’s necessary to go back over the roads again the 2nd day to get more snow/ice off.  The board reaffirmed that plowing should begin as soon as there is 3-4 inches accumulated, and re-plow as it accumulates during the snowfall.  It was determined that the route order for removal will remain the same.

Jerry & Rosemary Eischens were present to update us on the well project at Crow Wing Estates.  They will have the well hooked up in the upcoming weeks.  They hope to be hooked up to the new well before Christmas or at the latest the beginning of the year.  Susan had taken the quitclaim deed received form Mn Dot to be recorded at the courthouse today and had some questions for the board regarding the process which were answered.  Susan will fill out the necessary online paperwork (eCRV) and revisit the courthouse to finish up the recording process.

Greg read aloud a letter from the county public health department regarding the garbage mess on the Wakefield property.  Dave made a motion to send a letter to the county to inquire when the clean-up would take place, possible time frame.  Greg seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Brad gave the planning commission report.  He discussed the planning board would like to bring up the matter of specific violation properties at the annual meeting to see if the residents are in approval of spending township money to clean up problematic properties.  Brad gave an update on several properties:

The property violation of Josh Neelan at 6768 Wilson School Ave was discussed.  It was determined that Mr. Neelan did address the items on the list of things given him by the planning commission that he needed to complete for clean up on his property, but not thoroughly.  Justin will contact Mr. Neelan to set up a time for an inspection at the Neelan property with Justin, Greg and Brad.

The property of Jamie Markuson (10109 Heron St.) was discussed.  It appears there is no one currently living on the property.  There have been no complaints from residents as to the state of the property.  There is a camper, garbage and other items remaining on the property.  No one is sure where Mr. Markuson is living at this time.

It was discussed again that multiple old cars are being brought onto the property of Martin Coppa (9939 Canary St. Brainerd) through North Central Speedway property.  Justin had received a phone call from a concerned resident reporting the problem, the town board had been made aware of the problem in November and a letter was sent.

Justin Burslie’s hours at the townhall were discussed.  Justin offered to continue his regular townhall hours on Wednesdays without charging the township.  Brad also update the board on the progress of the ongoing work on the ordinance change.  Justin had said it is approximately 10% complete.  He plans to present a draft in January and final version complete & public hearing in February.

Brad reported that at 7006 Holms Ave there is possibly an encroachment of an accessory structure constructed within the Township’s right of way.  There is no permit on record with the county or township for the structure.  The structure appears to be 15+ years old.  Greg Smith will contact Crow Wing County to request they investigate the matter. 

Planning and zoning finances as well as work hours for the township’s planning administrator were reviewed for the year and found to be within in the projected budget.  Reports will be created to share with residents at the annual town meeting in March to show how many permits, heavy permit months, estimates for next year as well as comparisons to previous years.

Dave gave an update on Tri City’s road work completion.  It was determined that the culvert that needed additional work & extension will need to wait until spring to be finished.  In the meantime they did some work on it to allow it to work temporarily until spring.  They will also clean out & put extensions on several other culverts and do additional work on several driveways.  Dave also presented photos he took of dimples holding water on the road surface of Gorron, 80th, 70th, & 75th roads left by Tri City that will need to be addressed.

Mark made a motion to renew the virus protection program and Best Buy Geek Squad support for 2016.  Dave seconded it.  Motion passed unanimously.

The board discussed, approved & signed the contract to work with the county for the March Annual Election, rent the Automark machine, and print ballots.

The minutes were read and mark made a motion to approve them with the clarification wording of adding "Earl Rucdashel" to a sentence.  Greg seconded it, motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.

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