Regular Meeting - October 13, 2015

Regular Meeting - October 13, 2015

Regular Meeting – October 13, 2015; 6:00pm  Crow Wing Town Hall

Board Members Present:  Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisors Mark Platta & Dave Schultz, Clerk Susan Amick, Treasurer Susan Kern

Greg called the meeting to order at 6:00pm and the pledge to the flag was recited.

Greg gave an update on the land conveyance project.  Susan Amick prepared & sent MnDot a letter citing the previous board vote to turn land received from MnDot over to Crow Wing Estates for the use of a new well.  Rosemary Eischens reported to Greg that they are moving forward with the project and work is being done.

Brad Arnold gave an update on the Big Woods (Greenwood Street) conditional use permit work on the property.  He reported that the work requested by the board had been done satisfactorily.  The newer property site was also tidied up.  Notable improvements were made on both properties.

Mark made a motion to hire Reed’s backhoe to remove an abandoned trailer full of garbage for the cost of $500.00.  Greg 2nd it.  Motion passed unanimously. 

Lisa Gerhardt had contacted Justin Burslie expressing concerns about Strong Avenue road damage.  Susan will send a letter to Joe Rokow requesting he repair damage done to the road previously with his bobcat, and also request he keep brush from his property off the road right of way (33 feet from center of the road).

Regarding the gazebo vandalism that occurred this fall, Brad plans to work on it soon, he will donate his time & materials to the project.

The matter of the Juaire property violation was discussed.  The board members will inspect the property and a bill will be sent to Lesly Juaire for their inspections, any unpayed balance will be sent to the county to be assessed to her property taxes.

The board discussed a call from a resident complaining about illegal garbage dumping in & behind an old broken shed and in a trailer at 6818 Wells Ave, Brainerd.  The garbage has been drug around by dogs and animals, is blowing into neighboring properties and vermin have moved into the area due to the mess, resulting in them wandering in other people’s yards.  A letter will be sent to the property owner and a call will be made to the county public health department.

Josh Neelen’s property was inspected yesterday by Greg, Brad and Justin Burslie.  Dave made a motion to follow through with the original plan specifics agreed upon by the planning commission, town board & property owner previously at the August 10 & 11 2015 meetings regarding this property violation.  Greg seconded it.   Motion passed unanimously.

Susan Kern gave a report on the NJPA meeting she recently attended to gather information about their programs & she presented the package of membership materials to the board.  The township will receive $500 for attending and being part of membership.  Mark made a motion that Sue Kern fill out the paperwork for the township to become a member of NJPA Region 5 (membership is free).  Greg seconded it.  Motion passed.

Susan Kern gave the treasurer’s report.  Claims were examined by the supervisors, approved and paid.  

Dave gave the road report.  He issued an entry permit.  He will be replacing a damaged stop sign on a township road. 

Dave made a motion to pay Tri-City the amount on their first bill for the road construction.  Mark seconded it.  Motion passes unanimously.

Greg made a motion to close out the four bank accounts listed in the street improvement category and transfer the amounts to the checking account to pay the Tri City road construction bills.  Mark seconded it.  Motion passed unanimously.

Dave made a motion to transfer the outstanding violation fee balances of those on the township violation list to Crow Wing County in November to be assessed to each property owner’s taxes.  Mark seconded it.  Motion passed unanimously.

Mark made a motion to accept the minutes from the September 22, 2015 meeting.  Greg seconded it.  Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

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