Regular Meeting - July 14,2015

Regular Minutes - July 14, 2015

Regular Meeting – July 14, 2015; 6:00pm  Crow Wing Town Hall


Board Members Present:  Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisors Mark Platta & Dave Schultz, Clerk Susan Amick, Treasurer Susan Kern


Greg called the meeting to order at 6:00pm and the pledge to the flag was recited.


Updates were shared that the land conveyance from MnDot to Crow Wing Township is underway and the process will take a few months.  Susan & Greg contacted MN Association Township lawyer Troy Gilchrist and received the needed information as to how to transfer the property to Crow Wing Estates so they can put a well on it once Crow Wing Township has possession of it.


The Dillon property issue was revisited.  A letter had been sent to him by Susan on June 8th asking him to come in to a June board meeting or call a supervisor regarding the issue of his property violation.  Mr. Dillon did not attend a meeting or contact a board member regarding the matter as requested.  It was determined by the board that he will be added to the monthly violation billing list, but is welcome to contact a board member to discuss the matter if he has questions or makes progress on the items detailed in the letter he received.


Dave shared he heard from the property owner  (Ross Bengtson) with the culvert problem on Weatherbee Road.  He has done some work on fixing it and will contact Dave when he is finished.  Dave is checking in on his progress and gave him until August 2nd to finish the work.


Keith Bachman was in attendance to inquire about the township looking into fire service coverage options elsewhere and their relationship with the Brainerd Fire Department.  The supervisors reviewed previous meeting info with the Little Falls Fire Department last month as well as the reason a letter was sent to Brainerd about cancelling the service contract.  The board continues to observe how Brainerd’s Fire Department will work out expenses, costs etc.  It is planned to likely continue service with Brainerd at the end of our current service contract which is end of December 2016.


Cory Zeien from the Brainerd Fire Department was also in attendance and addressed some of the questions the board has had regarding cost of fire services and how having staff in house effects call time both to fires and accident sites.


Mr. Bachman also asked about minutes being posted on the website sooner.  Susan shared that there is some website technicalities with Tripod (the webs host) due to some conversions & upgrading and there has been ongoing lock-ups on different parts of the website.  Currently the section in which the minutes are posted is locked up and not able to be edited.  Susan plans to contact Tripod and see how it can be fixed so June minutes can be added to the site as soon as possible.


The board discussed the position of township clerk opening up when Susan Amick moves.  Duane Ruona sent a formal application for the position.  Greg made a motion to appoint Duane Ruona to the position (when Susan leaves) until the annual election where he will have the option to be on the ballot for election.  Dave seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.  Susan and Duane will set up times to begin training and Duane will be paid the hourly rate of $20/hr during the training period.


Susan Kern presented the treasurer’s report and the supervisors examined claims, then approved them. 


Dave gave the road report.  There were many trees and branches down in the ditches & roadways due to the recent storm.  Dave and Randy have been working on clearing them.   There is a resident on Black Bear Circle that has constructed a retaining wall in their ditch.  A letter will be sent to the address asking it be removed and the area be resloped.  The trailer filled with garbage items presumably belonging to Curt Engholm will be disposed of.   Greg will call to have it taken away to the dump.  Mr. Engholm has been sent several letters asking for its removal and was informed it would be removed by the township if not dealt with in a timely matter.  Tri City has not yet begun work on the scheduled road construction in the township.


The minutes were reviewed.  Greg made a motion to approve the minutes as written, Mark seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.


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