Regular Meeting - June 23, 2015

Regular Meeting - June 23, 2015

Regular Meeting – June 23, 2015; 6:00pm  Crow Wing Town Hall


Board Members Present:  Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisors Mark Platta & Dave Schultz, Clerk Susan Amick


Greg called the meeting to order at 6:00pm and the pledge to the flag was recited.


Sealed Bid proposals were opened by the supervisors for the upcoming road repair project to take place this summer.  Bids were received from Anderson Brothers ($1,045,463.90) and Tri City Paving ($946,917.00).  Tri City came in with the lower bid.   A complete comparison was made.  Dave made a motion to accept the bid from Tri City Paving, Mark seconded it.  Motion passed.


Representative Josh Heintzeman was present to greet the board and residents and answer any questions people had regarding current state or local issues.  Discussion on the transportation bill, roads and bridges, and taxing options etc.  The law suit against flushable wipes and their impact on the state sewage system was brought up & discussed as well as possible solutions. 


Sheriff Dahl attended the meeting to share about how things are going with the department, give updates on number of crash accidents.  The debate on motorcycle helmet laws was discussed briefly.  The dangers of texting while driving were reviewed (people being pulled over for this between ages of 17-63).  Medical marijuana is another heated topic being dealt with by the office, Sheriff Dahl shared that he is opposed to it becoming legal because of the things he sees happening and it being a next step to legalizing recreational marijuana.   Sadly he states it is a precursor to legalize all marijuana, which during his career has seen horrible things occurring due to the influence of this drug.  Meth and heroine are drugs on the rise in the area as well.  Boat & water has had no accidents/drownings so far this year.  Increased speed laws and speeding in general were discussed and how it impacts safety on the road.


Greg talked with MNDot (Brett Stark) and learned the board needs to write a letter to St. Paul requesting the conveyance of the property to the township and let them know it is for the purpose of the community well in Crow Wing Estates.  Rosemary Eischens was in attendance to report that the exploratory drilling for a Crow Wing Estates well discovered clear water which has been sent to the state for testing.  They await the approval to pursue finishing the project.   Mark made a motion that we send a letter to Jennifer Matti-Bailey at MN Department of Transportation asking for the conveyance of the property for the purpose of the well.  Greg seconded it.  Motion passed.  Susan will prepare and send the letter. 


Areas of concern regarding Big Woods’ conditional use permit were shared by Brad Arnold.  Storage issues are too crowded in areas identified in the CUP where storage is not permitted (Condition #4).  Landscaping issues were noted, what is there is being destroyed by improper care, also not enough trees put in for screening purposes (Condition #6 & #12).  Maintenance of on sight holding is also an issue.  Brad also noted that there have also been many questions (not formal complaints) from residents as to how they will care for their newer property location as to outside appearance, landscape, etc.   Greg made a motion to send a letter to the owners, Dave seconded it.  Motion passed. 


The clerk position was discussed with the 2 people who have interest in the job currently (Leah Rider & Duane Ruona).   The job duties were covered as well as general info of interest.  Questions were answered by the board members.  The applicants will submit a letter of interest to the clerk with information about themselves to be given to the board at the next board meeting on July 14th so a decision can be made whom to appoint.


Dave gave an update on the ditch mower which is not working properly.  Dave has been in contact with the sales rep he purchased from trying to resolve the issue.


Mark made the motion to approve the minutes from June 9th, with a few clarifications added.  Greg seconded it, motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.


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