Regular Minutes - April 28, 2015

Regular Meeting April 28, 2015

Regular Meeting – April 28, 2015; 5:45pm  Crow Wing Town Hall

Board Members Present:  Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisors Mark Platta & Dave Schultz, Clerk Susan Amick, Treasurer Susan Kern

Greg called the meeting to order and the pledge to the flag was recited.

Greg read through the AWAIR safety program and purposes and employee responsibilities were covered regarding safety practices.  Discussion was had with the township employees in attendance regarding workplace safety wear and policies.  They were reminded that a first hand report should be filled out right away in the event of accident or injury.  Copies of the report will be put in the shed for recycling workers and in the town hall as well so they are close at hand if needed.

The planning commission was present to dialogue with the town board about upcoming things with planning & zoning.  Brad Arnold gave a review of the township recently beginning work with NJPA with Justin Burslie as our zoning administrator.  Brad shared that the planning & zoning permit activity has been higher than usual, but will likely taper off through the summer and fall.  Mr. Burslie has exceeded the estimated 20 hours of work per month in April. 

Spring violation inspections will be coming up on specific properties in May.  Brad will be working with the town board supervisors on organizing those.  Rob Anthony’s property was looked at during the spring road tour and more progress & improvement with the clean-up has occurred.

Jackie Jensen will be sent a letter to ask if she will agree to the township clean up her property at cost to her w/o involvement of a lawyer so she does not accrue legal fees.  She has been in violation of the ordinance for some time and several more complaints have been received.

There was recently some vandalism at the park.  Three grills were pulled out of the ground.  Randy suggested maybe we downsize to having only one grill since he was not sure how often they are used.  Brad also added that requests for an outhouse have been received.  Discussion was had about obtaining a new outhouse and how to prevent vandalism occurring with to it.  Dave will pursue rental of outhouse.  Randy will repair the grills.

Greg Smith reported that he received a phone call from Jason Ryder who wished to express his opinion of not being in favor of donations to organizations made by the township.  He wishes this to be noted for the record for consideration in 2016.

Carolyn Strong was in attendance to present her petition to establish Crow Wing Estates as a subordinate district to be able to get more assistance from the township for the safe house project.  Greg shared that he had left a message for township attorney Troy Gilchrist about it, and also talked to people at the county and MN Dot to get things okayed for a survey of the well digging area.  Mn Dot will go out to survey the location.  Crow Wing Estates will have to take it from there, Jerry Eishens will have to continue with the project after that.  We will wait on Troy Gilchrist’s response and also have some info from Tad Erickson regarding the safe house grant at the next meeting.  Carolyn will continue to collect signatures on the petition, the board was given a copy of the current one.

Dave has had a request for a driveway permit on Libby Lane for a 2nd driveway for a resident, the supervisors approved it.  Becky at St Mathias township requested Dave to assist with some asphalt road work and do some patching.    Mark suggested we have a formal agreement with them before any work is done.  Dave suggested $50/hr to cover his time, gas etc to do it.  Susan will locate a joint powers agreement contract between 2 townships and email it to the board to review.

The Fire Department chief in Little Falls was contacted by Dave.  It was discussed to send him a formal letter from the township to request he attend an upcoming meeting to discuss our fire protection needs.  Greg made a motion to send a formal letter to the fire chief in Little Falls to attend a meeting to discuss fire protection options for the township through their station.  Mark seconded it.  Motion passed.

The town board members signed the officer list information sheet with contact information updates to be sent to Minnesota Association of Townships to update their records.  This is done yearly.  The payroll claims were examined by the supervisors and approved. 

The Spring Road Tour minutes were read aloud and discussed.  Letters will be sent to the residents who need to remove brush or items from ditches or off the right of way.  Dave will be meeting with Ron Hall, Assistant County Engineer, tomorrow to look at and discuss road repairs needed throughout the township.

Dave made a motion to accept the regular meeting minutes from April 14th Greg seconded it, motion passed  Greg made a motion to accept the road tour minutes with the addition of 2 addresses, Dave seconded it, motion passed.  Dave made a motion to accept the Board of Equalization & Appeal minutes, Greg seconded it, motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm.

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