regular meeting - 10/22/13

Regular Meeting                          

October 22, 2013                          

Crow Wing Town Hall                  6:00 p.m.

Board Members Present: Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisors Mark Platta and Dave Schultz and Clerk Virginia Rogers.

Greg called the meeting to order and the pledge to the flag was recited.

The Anthony cleanup was discussed. The onsite meeting has been postponed.

The stop signs on 70th Ave have been installed. There were several residents in attendance opposed to the stop. George Burton said that he considers them to be spot traffic control and believes they are not appropriate in a rural setting.  Terry Newman from Stone Ridge Rd stated that he has seen many close calls and has been concerned about this. Steve Jobe added that people driving on 70th are often travelling at excessive speeds, but that he believes the stop signs are not the answer. A lower and better enforced speed limit would be better in his opinion. Steve Hagen noted that small cars are not visible when they are in the dip on 70th and driving too fast, noting that he has had an accident there himself. Al Kraft added that he has had near misses there himself. He also stated that he has never seen a sheriff’s car patrolling the area. Discussion followed among the residents concerning children, both for their safety and a need for parental supervision. Mark shared the laws for setting speed limits and signage recommendations. Al added that the state’s position is debatable and not shared by everyone. He also asked why the speed limit it 30 mph on his road, but only 35 mph on Lone Oak Rd and others. He also mentioned the lack of stop signs at some intersections. Dave stated that the state wants to see fewer stop signs in rural areas. Al said he doesn’t think we have to follow state recommendations.  Brad Arnold shared that he has seen patrolling of the Lone Oak Rd area and that the sheriff continually encourages us all to turn in speeders when we observe them. Steve Job recommended having a study done to see if the stop signs are effective. He had some information about how to do this as a neighborhood rather than hiring it done. Mark asked the residents if they would like to have a study done by the state, but noted that it could result in a higher speed limit. Steve Jobe suggested working with the Sheriff’s Dept. to find the best way to do this. Randy Powers added that the Sheriff attends meetings fairly often and always mentions that their actions are usually complaint-driven and that he encourages us to report problems like these. The township manual and MAT website were consulted. Greg had some information on stop signs from various traffic engineering organizations. It included a recommendation not to try to control speeds by installing stop signs and that  when accidents at an intersection do not exceed a minimum number (three per year on one and five per year on another) that stop signs should not be installed. Al Kraft stated his belief that most people will at least slow down at a stop sign if not stop altogether. George Burton asked why we don’t put these stop signs on at all T intersections then. The sheriff will be invited to our next meeting to provide input into possible solutions to the speeding problem. Al requested that the board ask the Sheriff to have a patrol car posted on Lone Oak Rd to monitor speed. Greg stated that we will ask for that, but it was also noted that individual residents should also call in to request this, noting times of day that speeds are at the highest.

Some of the residents asked what is happening with the spring thaw flooding problems in the Lone Oak Road and Leaf Lane/Ravenswood Rd area. The information gathered by the township was shared, including the fact that the county has authority over drainage ditch that runs through that neighborhood.

Dave informed the board that crack filling is underway with about one-fourth of the township completed.

Brad brought a draft of the zoning map for review and revision and indicated that the board should make notes right on the map and inform them of any other comments before final printing.

Joe Nelson was present to discuss the Wakefield property cleanup. A decision will be made at the next meeting as to whether or not the violation has been resolved. The supervisors will look at the property before that time.

Randy mentioned a pot hole at Town Hall St and Barrows Ave. Dave is out of cold mix, but he will pick some up.

A resident at 9952 Forest Heights Dr has requested a second entrance. She was not able to attend the meeting to make the request in person. Mark stated that he sees no problem with it as long as the driveway is lower than the roadbed in the event that water ever needs to move over it. Greg made a motion to approve. Mark seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

The Fire Advisory Board meeting was discussed. None of the supervisors are available to attend, so  Ginny  will fill in.

Susie gave the treasurer’s report, payroll was reviewed and approved.

The minutes of the October 22nd meeting were reviewed. Dave made a motion to approve the minutes as written with Mark’s name added to the attendance. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously,

Correspondence was reviewed and the meeting adjourned by general consent at 8:45 p.m.

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