Regular Meeting - September 10, 2013

Regular Meeting                          September 10, 2013   

Crow Wing Town Hall               6:00 p.m.

Board Members Present: Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisor Dave Schultz, Clerk Virginia Rogers and Treasurer Susan Goodew.  

Greg called the meeting to order and the pledge to the flag was recited.

Eugene Witt presented   14 pair of gopher feet for bounty.

Rob Anthony was present with information from various contractors for cleaning up the property. 0ne contractor indicated that it’s possible that the value of the scrap could cover the costs so that there would be no bill for the service.  He will come back to look things over more thoroughly. Rob was asked to choose the contractor he would like to work with. Greg said he will call Rob next week to find out what he has decided. The deadline for having something in place will be the September 24th board meeting.

Two residents were present to discuss the races at North Central Speedway which went until 4:00 a.m. on Sunday morning on Labor Day weekend followed by fireworks. Discussion followed concerning why the event went so late.  One resident recommended that a curfew should be sent to keep the track from running into the early morning hours. The Sheriff’s Department did receive complaints and had investigated the situation and written it up as a public nuisance. The Planning Commission had discussed the problem and asked that the town board consider sending a letter asking Cliff Sasker to attend a meeting to discuss this. The board noted that the track has been easier to work with the past year or so and that while this will certainly be discussed with them, we expect it to be a one-time occurrence.

Bob Tangent was present to request a second entry onto his property. His first entrance is on Burr Lane and he would like to put one on Lone Oak Road as well. Dave indicated that the proposed location would not be a problem. Greg made a motion to approve the second entrance. The motion was seconded by Dave and passed unanimously.

Mark had received another complaint about the Jensen property on Town Hall Street stating that the bags of garbage have been increasing and asking that we do something about it. He explained to the caller that we are working on the situation. Since there are three days left of the thirty days given to  clean it up, this will be discussed again at the September 24th meeting.

The request for streetlights at 70th Ave and 50th Ave where they intersect with Highway 371 was discussed. Greg made a motion to not install the lights at this time until there is further discussion with the people in favor of the light. The motion was seconded by Dave. Discussion followed including the fact that the initial request was made prior to the installation of the new larger street signs, which have made it easier to see where the intersection is. The board would welcome further input from the people if they believe it to be necessary. The motion passed unanimously.

Jerry Eischens was present to discuss the well at Crow Wing Estates. The new well has been very difficult to operate because it requires a great deal of chemical treatment and a professional water management person. The difficulty in finding a different location to drill was discussed as well as the fact that their old well, which was sold by a previous association board to Wild Rice Depot is not available to be repurchased. The board made contact with owner Chad Knutson and he stated that he is not willing to consider selling the well back or sharing it for a fee. Other options were discussed. Ginny was asked to check with Region Five and Greg will do some checking as well.

Dave gave the road report.

Dave made a motion to approve the August 27th minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously.

Correspondence was reviewed and the meeting adjourned by general consent at 8:30 p.m.