Regular Meeting - June 25, 2013

Regular Meeting                              June 25, 2013   

Crow Wing Town Hall                    6:00 p.m.

Board Members Present: Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisors Mark Platta and Dave Schultz and Clerk Virginia Rogers. 

Greg  called the meeting to order and the pledge to the flag was recited.

Jerry Callahan was present and asked what was going to be done about his property. This item is on the agenda for the next Planning Commission meeting. It was determined that some of the parcels were rezoned to C2 but also that more information would need to be obtained about whether or not the documents were recorded and whether changes were ever made to the zoning map.  It was again stated that the zoning does not change the land use violation or eliminate the need for the property to be cleaned up. A fence along the highway side has also been discussed and will be considered further at the Planning Commission meeting. Jerry submitted a plan for the fence. The fence will be at least 33 feet from the center of the road and therefore outside the right of way. Justin noted that Jerry has been very cooperative and progress is being made in regard to identifying what it will take to resolve the violation.

Bob and Arlene Jones were present from The Farm at St. Mathias to discuss the conditions proposed for their Conditional Use Permit.  Justin reviewed the application, recommended conditions and the planning commission recommendation for approval. He had been directed to do some research on destination farms and found that they are a new use that has not been worked into many land use ordinances yet. He reviewed four additional conditions to be considered by the board and after Customer parking shall not be allowed in any Crow Wing County public right-of-way or Crow Wing Township public right-of-way. Adequate parking area must be provided onsite.

  1. All activities and events hosted on site shall be directly related to the farm environment and may include both public and private gatherings/events.
  2. All permanent and temporary signage related to the farm and events hosted at the farm shall be posted onsite.  No offsite signage is allowed.
  3. An installation certificate for the private SSTS shall be submitted within 30 days of approval. 
  4. The mound for the private SSTS on the subject property shall be installed before September 4, 2014, per SSTS permit 12900180. 
  5. One permanent sign advertising the business not greater than 70 sq. ft. in area shall be allowed with a permit.
  6. The subject property need not be the primary residence of the property owners.

7.       All lighting onsite (temporary or permanent) shall be directed towards the interior of the property.  

8.       All events held on the subject property shall conclude before 12:00 AM (midnight).

  1. A property owner, or someone designated by a property owner, shall be onsite and available while special events (musical events, celebrations, fundraisers, weddings, etc.) are taking place on the property.

The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously.

Brendan Donahue and Pam Fitch were present to discuss further the water problem in their area. Greg had looked into the cost of installing a culvert in Ravenswood Road. He also noted that a culvert would not do much to alleviate the problem. He discussed purchasing a pump and hose that would be available to remove water from the ditch if it accumulates there. That would give the town board control over how much water is moved to the other side of the road. Greg will contact Tim Bray to see if they would be able to lend some engineering services to see what might be able to be done with this area. He will also check into wetland credits.

Recycling was discussed. Mark made a motion approve a dumpster for cardboard with Waste Partners. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously.

Crack filling was discussed. It was determined that unless it is on the schedule for tomorrow (June 26th) we will ask Anderson Brothers to hold off until fall now that the weather has gotten so hot.

Mark made a motion to approve the minutes of the June 11th meeting as written. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously.

Correspondence was reviewed and the meeting adjourned by general consent at 8:00 p.m.


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