Regular Meeting - April 24, 2013

Regular Meeting                          April 23, 2013

Crow Wing Town Hall               6:00 p.m.

Board Members Present: Chairman Mark Platta, Supervisors Greg Smith and Dave Schultz, Clerk Virginia Rogers and Treasurer Susan Goodew and those on the attached rosters.  

Greg  called the meeting to order.

The first item on the agenda was the AWAIR meeting. He read through the Resolution which established the AWAIR program and outlined the various departments for which safety methods are important.

Safety recommendations for recycling employees were reviewed. Any injury should be reported immediately. Forms are available in the town hall. Randy will pick up a couple pair of safety glasses.

Annual Meeting with the Planning Commission. Linda asked if there was a policy for choosing committee members when a term is up, if there is more than one applicant. Greg said that there could be a policy set. The policy set is that all applicants will be considered and input received from other planning commission members. Dan Lee’s term is currently up. He has indicated that he is willing to serve another term. Brad stated that Dan has been a strong committee member and is engaged and reliable. Linda stated her agreement with that. Greg made a motion to appoint Dan Lee to a four year term on the planning commission. The motion was seconded by Mark and passed unanimously. Finances were reviewed. Permits are down but information indicates that there are some that will be coming in soon. The new ordinance was adopted last year and this was an additional expense. Without that expense and the funds spent on violations things are looking good.

Brad gave the planning and zoning report. He met with Chris Pence at the county. If the township wanted to ask the County Commissioners for the funds received for our township the amount would be $1500 - $1800. Dave suggested that we make the request. Chris also commended the township for how well we township have handled planning and zoning. He added that they would like to see us turn it back over to them if that is what we decide to do. The township maps are nearly completed. Violations have been rated regarding severity. The planning commission does not meet when there is not business in an effort to save on costs.

Linda mentioned that CGI’s office is not handicap accessible. Brad noted that they will take appointments on the main level of the building for anyone who is unable to reach the upstairs office.

Bob Voss had some questions about his property and state law regarding putting in a mobile home. Brad was able to answer his questions and offered to help him get the additional information that he needs. Ed Fox submitted an application to install a new slab and turn his house. He also plans to modify the deck to add a ramp for his wife’s motorized chair. He will turn the application in to CGi and work with them.

Linda Schuety expressed her satisfaction that requests from organizations were heard and considered in the special meeting.

Brad Arnold added that it was great to see such a turnout and see the proper and fair due process by allowing each request to be heard. That is all the meeting was intended to do. It is also sad that so many people were misinformed by the letter sent out as well as uninformed and then left early instead of staying for the regular meeting and getting in touch with current township business. 

Other comments were made about the letter that was sent out including the confusion about who sent it, why the petition with signatures was attached without permission and a request that the town board pursue the legality of this.

The town board road tour will be held this Saturday unless more snow falls before then. Ed Fox asked what could be done about rocks on the roadway deposited by 4-wheelers. Dave stated that those riding the atvs are doing this on a daily basis. Residents were encouraged to call the sheriff’s department if they see who is causing the problem. Ed Fox said that he will talk to the kids doing it. Bob asked about the road plowing and if the township truck could be used to make one pass down the roads that are still waiting to be plowed so that people can get out for school and work.

Mark gave an update on the cemetery project. The records need to be changed to the new numbering system. He does not have time to work on it right now.

Bob Voss stated that cement chunks are coming out of Wels Ave.  The board will look at it on the road tour.

Payroll was approved and correspondence reviewed.

Mark made a motion to approve the March 12th Canvass Meeting minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously.

Greg made a motion to approve the April 9th minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Dave and passed unanimously.

Correspondence was reviewed and the meeting adjourned by general consent at 8:30 p.m.