Regular Meeting - August 21, 2012 (The board only met once in August)


Regular Meeting                          August 21, 2012                                   Crow Wing Town Hall                  6:00 p.m.

Board Members Present:  Chairman Mark Platta, Supervisors Greg Smith and Dave Schultz and Clerk Virginia Rogers and Treasurer Susan Goodew.

Mark called the meeting to order and the pledge to the flag was recited.

There were no gopher bounties claimed.


Dave had been asked to be present during the cleanup at Engholm’s. He reported that a makeshift roof had been put up, under which Mr. Engholm had moved many items thinking they would then not be removed. He has been informed that the items will be removed but he will be given until Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. to move anything he wishes to keep into a building. John Vukelich was present from the Sheriff’s Department and answered questions. Deputies had been called to the property three different times during the cleanup process. A deputy’s presence was requested for next Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. at which time the contractor will be present. Dave will not be able to be there and Mark and Greg will not be available either. John took Greg’s phone number so that he can be contacted for direction if it is needed.

Rob Anthony was present to discuss his property. Greg and Brad had visited the property. A need for additional screening and other items had been identified and Rob had been asked to present a plan for completing these tasks. Rob stated that he had been unable to complete any of the tree planting prior to the meeting, but assured the board that it will be completed all at once within the next two weeks. This will hopefully block the view of the salvage area. Once that is done the fence can be taken down. The front yard will be have to be kept in order. There are other guidelines for salvage yards in the ordinance that will need to be met. The township will work with Rob to meet these guidelines one at a time. A permit for the business will need to be issued, but cannot be given until the salvage yard requirements are all met. Rob will attend the September 25th meeting and by that date all of the tree planting is to be completed.

A report had been received that a good deal of Engholm’s items were taken to Bill Jillson’s property.

Jim and Karen Thelen had purchased a home to place on their lot in the Sophie-Rowan development, for which the township issued a land use permit. The home they purchased to place there did not meet the criteria of the homeowners association and the Thelen’s were informed that the association will not allow the home.  Therefore, they purchased a different lot in the township. They have since purchased a second permit and have requested that as much as possible of the first permit fee be refunded. The Planning Commission recommendation is to refund $750. Greg made a motion to refund the $750. The motion was seconded by Mark and passed unanimously. The planning commission has also asked the town board to consider the county’s change in acreage minimums for Ag/Forestry districts from 10 to 35 acres. This has generated multiple complaints for the county and the township planning commission would like to avoid these same problems in our own township. Information from Community Growth Institute and from the township attorney was reviewed. The planning commission is meeting again on August 27th to continue working on the ordinance.

Multiple complaints have been received about the Dillon property on Town Hall Street. A letter will be sent to the property owner requesting information on titles and registrations, as well as identifying that the fence may possibly be in the right of way.

The board discussed the multiple complaints received about excessive barking and howling by a dog belonging to Jeanne Hartmann in the plat of Nature Path. Six different township residents have filed complaints over the past two weeks about the dog and one additional township resident was present to file a complaint in person, bringing the number of families who have complained to seven.  Deputy Vukelich said that they can speak with the owners of dogs that are causing problems like this. If the complaints are ongoing it can be deemed a public nuisance and a ticket can be issued. The residents were instructed to call the Sheriff’s Department when the dog is barking and they will document the number of complaints that have been verified. A letter will be sent to the dog’s owner concerning the complaints received and inviting her to attend the next meeting.

A request has been received to install a warning siren in the township. Costs were reviewed and input was given by various residents in attendance, who were concerned about the cost and the limited range of one siren. It was determined that it would be cost prohibitive to install as many of these as would be required in order to cover the entire township. The topic will be discussed at the next Annual Meeting however, to give more residents an opportunity to have input.

The water issues in the Oak Ridge South plat were discussed. An email had been received from Beth Hippert at Crow Wing County Soil & Water. Discussion followed concerning if a culvert could be installed following their guidelines, which state that it can’t be installed below the elevation of the wetland. The possibility of installing a cattle grate style culvert was discussed. Greg is going to look into the elevations and see if this might work.

Diana St. Onge was present to discuss the fence that she has erected in the right of way of Barrows Ave. She stated that the fence is even with the fire number sign and behind the mailbox. She said that she erected the fence due to fast traffic on the road and that it’s very important to her to have the fence there to protect her grandchildren. Mark explained that the law says that obstructions can’t be allowed in the right of way. Deputy Vukelich was asked for his opinion. He said that a fence must be constructed outside the road right of way and that snowmobile traffic is allowed to travel in the road right of way, which is not her property even if she mows it and takes care of it. Greg made a motion to allow the fence to remain for the purpose of protecting her grandchildren when they are playing in the yard. The motion died for lack of a second. Dave said he would like to see the fence 33 feet from the center of the road because this would be consistent with other road right of ways in the township, since Barrows Avenue is the only street with an 80 foot right of way. Diana asked that she either be allowed to keep the fence there or have to remove it because it’s either right or wrong. Deputy Vukelich suggested requesting a speed trailer and also said we could check with Maple Grove Township to see how they have done with the sleeping bobbies on Leisure Lane. The speed trailer will be requested right away and the board will look into the other options. This will be discussed again at the September 25th meeting by which time other options for controlling the speed can be pursued.

A call had been received from a CLC instructor who asked if her students would be able to volunteer to help with any sort of project in the township that would have an environmental impact. Rob Anthony was asked if this sort of help would be something he is interested in and he said it might be.

An update was given on the cemetery project. The work will continue.

Greg, Mark carried- letter to Robertson and Wakefield – inspection to be done after the 9/25 meeting. If violation resolved before then, they should attend the meeting. Up to $420 cost.

Susie gave the treasurer’s report and claims and payroll were approved and paid.

The minutes of the July 24th and July 31st minutes were reviewed. Greg made a motion to accept the minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Dave and passed unanimously.

 Correspondence was reviewed and the meeting adjourned by general consent at 10:07 p.m.