Regular Meeting - June 26, 2012


Regular Meeting                          June  26, 2012

Crow Wing Town Hall               6:00 p.m.

Board Members Present: Chairman Mark Platta, Supervisors Greg Smith and Dave Schultz, Clerk Virginia Rogers and those on the attached public roster.

Mark called the meeting to order and the pledge to the flag was recited.

No gopher feet were presented for bounty.


Brad gave the Planning & Zoning Report. He reviewed the discussion from the Planning Commission meeting regarding the noise complaints on North Central Speedway. Cliff and K T had indicated that they are attempting to finish earlier in the evening and are limiting practice dates and special events. The Planning Commission is currently reviewing a draft of the county’s new ordinance and working on recommended revisions before moving forward with adoption. The Town Board had received multiple calls about the practice racing this past Sunday. This took place less than a week after their indication that there were no Sundays scheduled for the track to be used the rest of this season on any Sunday other than Labor Day. They will be asked to attend the next Town Board meeting to discuss some sort of solution to the situation.

Rob Anthony was present to give an update on his property cleanup. A resident called to ask when the fence will be coming down. He stated that he had been on vacation and also has had problems with the vehicle he was using to move things. He was instructed that the items visible from the road need to be moved in the very near future so that the fence can be removed. An inspection will have to take place and Rob should make sure that these things are done prior to that inspection. He was also reminded that the eventual goal is to bring the business into compliance with the ordinance or the business cannot continue to operate.

Bruce Hayes was present to request a second entrance onto his property at 5221 Catherine’s Way. Dave has looked at the lot and there is no safety concern and there is adequate room between the proposed entrance and the next driveway. No culvert is necessary. Mark made a motion to approve the second entrance. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously. He will get an entry permit from Dave.

Dave gave an update on the recent road issues from the heavy rainfall this season. There were several areas where water was running over roads and driveways. Two driveways on Wetherbee Road washed out onto the roadway. The same thing is happening with the private end of Craig Road. Dave suggested digging out the ditch to keep this from happening. He was asked to discuss this with the people who live on that road. 60th Ave had water running across it. Dave dug out the culvert, which seems to have solved the problem. Water was halfway across 50th Ave. Dave also dug out the culverts there which helps keep the water off the road. Boulder Court had water running across it. There are no culverts there. The road seems to be okay and the water was not very deep. Water was also running across 110th Street. He found a culvert there and was able to open it up again. On Wetherbee Road near where the beavers attempt to dam, there was damage to the area around the culvert due to the water rushing through at such a high level. This will require repair. On Lone Oak Road the water did not run over the road and the water level seems to be coming down. The water is no longer running into the ditch on Ravenswood Road.  There were four or five trees down on roads that have been removed.

A request had been received from the county to classify RE Code 56101025013A009 as non-conservation. Mark made a motion to classify it as such. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously.

The high water level in the Lone Oak Road and Burr Lane areas was discussed. Residents from those areas were present. Dave shared what he found when he was out there. The water is flowing through the culverts on Wetherbee Road, but this movement has slowed down considerably. George Burton stated that it appears to him that the beaver dams are holding back about 11 feet of water. He has been discussing the situation with Lonnie Thomas at the DNR. He was told that the county is responsible for the drainage ditch but would have to assess costs to the benefitting properties. Pam Fitch had brought photos of her yard and George had photos from various properties in that area. Discussion followed concerning whether or not Ravenswood Road holds any of the water back. Aerial photos were reviewed as well as topographical drawings. The board will meet with a representative from County Soil and Water Conservation tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.

Oakland Cemetery was discussed. It was decided that two actuaries will be appointed and that they will be expected to be part of the re-measuring process as it will help them learn the cemetery and how to locate specific gravesites. Several names were suggested of individuals who have expressed interest in working with the township in the past. Ginny will call down the list until two willing to serve are found. They will be asked to attend the July 10th meeting at which time a date will be set for the initial work.

Dave made a motion to approve the June 12, 2012 minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously.      

The meeting was recessed at 8:55 p.m. to be reconvened at 7414 Burr Lane to discuss the water issues with the representative from County Water and Soil.